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Promising success

for sure!

Boring concert setups or music shows are a thing of the past. With a stage wagon from Gross-Funk you really put your act in the spotlight.


High-tech for the stage

Precise and powerful with plenty of technical know-how. Experience creativity anew with the Mecanum Drive!

Bühnenwagen Dual Drive

All-rounder for the Stage

Precise with high payload. With the Dual Drive you have the right all-rounder at your side

With the Mecanum Drive and Dual Drive model variants, you can select the right one for your individual requirements.

We have been developing radio remote controls for safety-relevant, professional use for 40 years now. Benefit from our experience.

Bühnenwagen Mecanum Drive Vorführung Tänzerin

Elegant presentations

Use our Mecanum Drive to create new possibilities for your stage set.

Bühnenwagen Dual Drive Vorführung Schlagzeug

Precise and delicate

Enchant your audience by moving a wide variety of props with ease.

Dual Drive

Safely and comfortably across the stages of this world

  • Drives very sensitively and safely

  • Drive and steer with only one lever

  • Can follow a line automatically

  • Easy to transport

  • Carries large loads

  • Available in many different formats

  • Can be used as a driving platform and turntable

Dual Drive 48 V

The strong brother with the extra plus in performance!

With the dual Drive 48 V you combine the features of our standard dual Drive model with even more power.
This allows you to move large loads across your stage with ease.
Fascinate your audience with just a few moves.

Mecanum Drive

Technically at the highest level, our Mecanum stage wagon is your helper for every situation

  • Drive from any position in any direction

  • Turning on the spot

  • High thrust

  • Powerful drive with 4 DC motors

  • Safe radio remote control

  • Sensitive control characteristics

  • Programmable autonomous drive

  • Intelligent sequence management for archiving and administration

  • Interconnected travel with several stage wagons possible

With Gross Funk stage wagons, you always have the right product for your application.

Convince yourself of the extensive features that our stage wagon offers you.

Powerful and yet precise in handling, our stage wagon supports you in the open transformation of your stage to a perfect result.

Proven product:

Already in triple-digit numbers in use worldwide

Proven product:

Already in triple-digit numbers in use worldwide

Benefit from our years of experience. With stage wagons from Gross Funk to a new level!

With our stage wagons you are prepared for all scenarios!

No matter what your technical needs are

Select the appropriate features from our extensive product portfolio and thus create the stage wagon perfectly adapted to your needs

Sequence management

With our sequence management you are able to save any sequences and repeat them precisely. Manage your sequences easily and make your daily work easier.


With our teach-in function, you can easily save the routes you have traveled. Afterwards you store them in the sequence management and are able to repeat your sequence precisely at any time.

Autonomous drive

With our autonomous drive, the previously saved sequences are repeated. Here, all movements and the speeds traveled are reproduced exactly. This allows the operator to better concentrate on potential hazards.

Interconnected drive

Combine our stage wagons to realize even larger projects. Limits are thus “almost” only set by your imagination.

Special functions

Control comfortably and safely various special functions of your stage set by means of our radio remote control.

And much more !!!

We would be happy to present you further features that support you in your handling of our stage wagons.

Now new:

Laser Navigation

Together with the company Robot Makers GmbH, we have succeeded in raising the Mecanum Drive stage wagon to a new technical level.

The new laser navigation allows even more precise choreographies and driving maneuvers even on challenging stage surfaces. With the help of high-precision laser navigation, the individual stage wagon or even the combination of several stage wagons is
reliably localized and the position and orientation are compared with the target value. With this technical aid, it is possible to achieve a repeatability even over longer periods of time that was previously not possible with manual control.

The laser navigation can be installed as an add-on exclusively in combination with our Mecanum stage wagon.


We build stage wagons entirely according to your needs, choose from our extensive product portfolio


Robustness and a high quality standard characterize our stage wagons


Through constant further development of our products, we will continue to inspire you with innovations for the stage in the future

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